Custom Solutions


    BizConsult research solutions are aimed at supporting most critical business decisions. With the right data and insight in hand, you will be better prepared to make an educated decision through minimizing risk.BizConsult’s custom team takes the time to understand your challenge, and the variables that you’re weighing, before we undertake any research project. We know that simply compiling a few statistics or responses to a survey doesn’t constitute real decision support. Our research is more than just the assembly of info; it is aimed at providing the substantiated answers you need to support your decision. We aim at your ultimate target.


    Any report, any company database and public market overview could be prepared for your needs! Specify your needs, get a quote and access instantly!

    BizConsult provides opportunities for mixing all our solutions to exactly meet you needs. Our custom team stands by to give you the companies list data plus bespoke surveys and sector data that will exactly meet your needs. We work with clients to fit together the right blend of primary and secondary methods to meet your research objectives as effectively and efficiently as possible. We take into account all the variables— objectives, deadline, budget—and we work to craft a project that perfectly fits your needs.


    One of the CUTOMIZED services that Bizconsult offers is complete outsourcing of the marketing and sales process on the international market. The work process has two stages: identification of suitable commercial units and direct marketing of products or services to the corresponding potential partners.