Contracted Public Tenders Database

Description: Our 2015 Contracted Public Tenders Database contains more than 770,000+ tender records available. The database contains daily-update for awarded public tenders in every sector of the economy for the period 2010 - 2015. This public tenders directory can be used as a source for business opportunities information (subcontracting), competitors analysis, research activities, marketing research and direct marketing purposes, etc. The Contracted Public Tenders Database could be customized to meet your specific requirements. Our Contracted Public Tenders Database contains generic contact information (where available) about the contracted authorities,contract award date, tender documentation. Discounts available up to 50% with subscription plans.
Total records: 770,000+
Format .csv
Industries: All
Last update: Yearly
Price: 25 EUR per month/country/sector
EU - 28 This database includes:
  • Tender Description
  • Tender Value
  • Full Contact Details for Awarded Company
  • Full Contact Details for Contracting Authority
  • Industry classification *

* CPV code

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Sample database


Please note: This is just a sample that demonstrates the design and depth of information included in the databases. The information provided is fabricated solely for the purposes of this sample.