Conducting market research and product placement for a textile manufacturer in three European countries

Industry Coverage: Textile

Geographic scope: UK, Germany, Italy

Client: Manufacturer

Time to complete: 6 weeks

Client requirements

Manufacturer of high quality textiles was interested in selling its products in Western Europe. As a first step the client wanted a detailed research of potential trade partners that would be interested in its product portfolio. In addition, the client wished for Bizconuslt to directly market and sell those products to the identified companies. Wholesalers and distributors were prioritized as the most promising and likely partners.

The value added

Bizconsult prepared and presented a detailed list with wholesalers and distributors that were potential trade partners for the client. Following the research, Bizconsult conducted direct marketing to one third of the identified partners. The service was completed once Bizconsult established contact and aroused interest among them. The client’s engagement was required only when a company expressed interest in starting trade negotiations.

Method used

To complete the task various research methods were used. Our software solution extracted information from various databases and trade registries while our network of partners provided additional information and checked the existing one for inaccuracy. To provide a complete list with relevant information Bizconsult used various independent information sources and checked whether all of the information was correct.

For the direct marketing of the products Bizconslt primarily used cold calling and cold emailing. Our team of experienced trade representatives prepared personalized campaigns and calling scripts to ensure a high conversion rate. Before launching the campaigns our trade representatives studied in detail the products of the client to make sure they were well prepared for any queries.


As a result of the service, the client completed several successful sales and began long-term business partnerships with some of the engaged partners.

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